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Treeline Sales Job of the Week: Sales Director

04.28.14   |   Job Search & Career   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

Our client is a very dynamic, high growth start up that is ramping up their sales organization. This is an exciting and dynamic organization that has been doubling in size for the past couple of years. They focus on ways to simplify business to business integration. This is a software organization that has an automated “Self-Service” platform. This is a very exciting time for this company as they build brand and gain market share quickly.

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Treeline Sales Job of the Week: Senior Healthcare Sales Representative

04.21.14   |   Job Search & Career   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

This organization has been around for 30 years, and has been profitable every year since incorporated. Their software is sold primarily into the healthcare industry; however, all industries use their technology. They have a “Family Business” feel, where they like to promote a strong work/life balance surrounded by smart, hard working people with an innate love for a challenge.

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Treeline Sales Job of the Week: Director of Demand Generation

04.16.14   |   Job of the Week   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

Our client is a very dynamic, high growth early stage security company. This is a critical position for this growing company and reports directly to the CMO. The leadership team is exceptional and led by a well know industry expert. This revolutionary technology is creating buzz in the market and the timing is perfect to join this company.

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Treeline Sales Job of the Week: Inside Sales Representative-Waltham

04.09.14   |   Job of the Week   |   Sean Cashman, Division Manager Treeline, Incorporated

Our client offers a real-time enterprise endpoint security platform that delivers clear visibility and context to cyber security teams around targeted, persistent threats. They effectively reduce the impact of advanced attacks, providing real-time, behavioral-based analysis on attacker activity upon infiltration, so organizations can defend their business. Our client offers a cutting edge enterprise security platform solution that allows their client to detect cyber threats, monitor the attacker’s behavior and movement, conduct analysis, identify, and trouble shoot – IN REAL TIME.

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Should I Work For A Big Company Or A Small Company?

04.02.14   |   Job Search & Career   |   Sam Swartz, Sales Consultant at Treeline, Incorporated

The size of a company is certainly important to think about when considering a new opportunity. Different factors come into play when considering a job, like culture, benefits, commute, work-life balance, growth, compensation, training and sustainability. I wanted to take the time and break down some of these factors and talk about how they play into a small company versus a big company.

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3 Reasons Why Sales Jobs Are THE Jobs

04.01.14   |   Job Search & Career   |   Hannah Samet, Consultant at Treeline, Incorporated

It may be too far-fetched to claim that sales makes the world go round, but is it really? Think about it, without sales (and marketing), a company has no one to advertise and sell their products and services, and therefore cannot make money or grow. That’s the simple answer to the simple question as to why sales are essential any company’s growth, but truthfully there’s more to it than that.

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