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Sales Managers, What Motivates You?

05.21.13   |   Sales Recruiting   |   Dan Fantasia, Founder and CEO of Treeline Incorporated

Whether you are a Chief Revenue Officer, Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales, Sales Manager or a Team Lead it’s your job to motivate teams of sales professionals. Being a sales leader is similar to raising a family. You have to put in long hours and offer endless sacrifices. Sometimes your hard work and commitment go unnoticed, yet you come back each day ready to make a difference and to win. Seeing your team succeed and hit the numbers makes it all worthwhile.

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How To Decide Between Multiple Job Offers

05.20.13   |   Job Search & Career   |   Sam Swartz, Sales Consultant at Treeline Incorporated

A job search can be a lengthy, stressful and often time-consuming process. It can actually be a full-time job effort, especially if you are currently working full-time. However, if you have conducted a productive search and interviewed successfully with multiple companies hopefully you will have the good fortune to have received multiple job offers. At this stage you would think all the hard work is over but deciding which offer to accept can be just as difficult as the search itself.

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Treeline Sales Job of the Week: Inside Account Manager

05.20.13   |   Job Search & Career   |   Chelsey Canavan, Social Media Marketing Specialist at Treeline Incorporated

Our client is a rapidly growing technology company that is in one of the most dynamic and innovative industries in today’s market. This company is well positioned and a leader in the mobile application space. This is an inside account manager sales position. In this role you will be responsible for driving new business. You must be comfortable prospecting for new clients and building strong relationships.

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Be Your Own Marketer

05.14.13   |   Job Search & Career   |   Alyson Paltelky, Sales Consultant at Treeline Inc.

Identifying top sales professionals can sometimes be a difficult task. I have met many talented individuals, but sometimes they fail to truly represent their skills and successes on their resume. In many cases, it’s after speaking with the candidates that they learn they are more talented than they realized; they just never kept record of their accomplishments.

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Treeline Sales Job of the Week: Direct Sales Marketer

05.13.13   |   Job Search & Career   |   Chelsey Canavan, Social Media Marketing Specialist at Treeline Incorporated

Our client is a very dynamic, 25+ year old organization that is a leader in the consulting space. This is an exciting and dynamic organization that promotes a healthy working environment and a team-based approach. Our client focuses on process management and business solutions to improve reliability and reduce costs for a greater ROI.

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