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The New #1 Quality to Look for in a Sales Professional

05.06.09   |   Best Hiring Practices   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

I believe that the #1 quality to look for in a sales professional is someone who can deal with change. I describe that as someone who has the ability to put the blinders on and power through what ever happens. In this marketplace it is essential to be able to cope with restructuring, new compensation plans, territories, teams, leaders, and possibly new business models.

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Need a break? Take it!

05.04.09   |   Job Search & Career   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

With frequent company layoffs and downsizings some are concerned that taking time off may reflect poorly on their job commitment. However, what is worse: not taking time off and burning out, which ultimately may lead to low productivity or taking some time off to recharge your batteries to come back to work refreshed and ready to get back in the game? There are ways that you can take time without the guilt.

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04.17.09   |   Sales Recruiting   |   Amanda Musto

I have found, through my research, some articles on fiscal packages designed by the US and other global organizations that include significant government spending within the Telecom and Broadband Wireless Networks. India, China and the USA project that this funding will create nearly a million new jobs throughout the coming year.

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Do Sales Spiffs Work?

04.09.09   |   Sales Optimization   |   Amanda Musto, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

The topic of the sales spiff has always been a mysterious one. Most sales organizations have some sort of “spiff program” that they have designed to motivate sales professionals to perform certain duties. Perhaps they’re looking to create competition within the sales force to drive revenue or they just want to see an increase of sales in a certain sector of their business. Spiffs have been designed to drive activity for a number of different reasons but the bigger question always remains: Do spiffs work? Companies have implemented thousands of different strategies to keep their sales people motivated to sell. Some companies have spent an astronomical amount of their budget on spiffs, awards and company contests.

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